LifeCORE vs. Yowza vs. ProForm: Ellipticals & Treadmills Quality & Customer Feedback Comparison
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LifeCORE vs. Yowza vs. ProForm: Ellipticals & Treadmills Quality & Customer Feedback Comparison

When you are deciding to buy an expensive item, you can learn a great deal by reading customer feedback on all available models. Some elliptical and treadmill models are very good while others do have some quality problems. Reading customer feedback about customer service when there is a problem can save you a headache later on. A company might have great products except for that one model that is problematic. This article can help you decide which company and model or elliptical or treadmill to buy.
Covered in this report
LifeCORE — Best Features
Has the best Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Has the best overall customer comments about their ellipticals.
Best for: Those who are only interested in buying elliptical trainers.
— Best Features
Has the best overall warranty for their ellipticals and treadmills.
Their Sanibel elliptical model has an iPod docking station with it.
Best for: Those who want a piece of mind with a long term warranty.
Pro-Form Fitness — Best Features
You can also buy the iFit module for certain models and download workout routines.
Also sells treadmills for dogs.
Best for: People who want to download workout routines from well known trainers like Jillian Michaels.

The Difference between an Elliptical and a Treadmill

Both will give you a good cardio workout and many are padded to cushion the impact, which makes it much less hard on your knees, ankles and feet. The treadmill is the closest to actually walking or running outdoors and is best for those who might be training for a running or walking event.

An elliptical machine will not only give you a good lower body workout, but also a good upper body workout and that is the difference. Most but not all ellipticals will also have you move your upper body, much like a cross-country skier would. So you get both a lower body workout and an upper body workout. If joint pain is a concern, usually an elliptical is better. 


LifeCORE is located in San Marcos, California and has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2005 with an A rating and only three complaints. LifeCORE sells the following fitness and exercise equipment.

  • Elliptical
  • Exercise bikes
  • Rowing machines

As you can see, LifeCORE does not sell treadmills, they only sell ellipticals. LifeCORE sells four models of ellipticals ranging in price from $999 for their LC985VGS Elliptical to $2,999 for their VST-V8 model. 

LifeCORE Warranty

LifeCORE has a different warranty for each product.

  • The LC985VG elliptical has a 2-year warranty on parts.
  • The VST-V8 has a 5-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor.
  • The VST-V6 has a 5-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor.
  • The VST-V4 elliptical has a 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor.

LifeCORE VST-V4 Display

Customer Feedback

Customers had the following comments about the quality, easy of use and design of the LifeCORE ellipticals. Most of the customer comments were about the LifeCORE VST-V4 model, which costs $1,699.

  • “This unit (VST-V4) is the most inviting elliptical we’ve ever tried. You will get your workout but you'll actually enjoy it! The ease of use is amazing. During the program when ever the change of intensity occurs, the machine gently moves you into the next segment with a smooth transition. The quiet operation of the elliptical is a real plus, no noisy sounds, we have ours in the family room and can watch TV or play the radio and be aware of the rest of the family’s activities as well. Also, the purchase and delivery process was very professional and the communication was exceptional!” – Steven, Fitness Direct
  • “I was in the market for an elliptical trainer after trying one at a friend's house. I was impressed with the selection of lifecore ellipticals here so I this is where I made my purchase. I hate running on treadmills and the weather here is just not conducive of running outdoors (I like my ac), so this was the next best option. It’s actually the best option! My back has never felt better to be honest and I’m in the best shape of my life. The only problem is that the rhythm takes a little getting used to but other than that I’m very happy with my purchase.” – Karen, Fitness Direct comments on the LifeCORE VST-V4

LifeCORE VST-V4 video

LifeCORE Quality

There are not many customer comments about LifeCORE elliptical trainers on the internet, but the comments that were posted are all very positive. Many of the comments were about the LifeCORE elliptical model VST-V4, mainly because it is a good model at a good price. There were no complaints about the quality or use of their ellipticals other than the manual could have been better. Even though there are not many customer comments, it is good to know that they are a Better Business Bureau member with only three complaints during the past three years.


Yowza is located in Bonita Springs, Florida and is a member of the Better Business Bureau with a C- rating with 29 complaints during the past three years. Remember the more products a company sells, the more possible complaints there can be. You can contact Yowza service at 1-877-969-9240 option #2 or sales at 1-877-969-9240 option #1.

Yowza sells the following types of exercise equipment:

  • Ellipticals: Eight different models that range in price from $799 to $2,499.
  • Treadmills: Five models ranging in price from $799 to $1,799.

Yowza Warranties

Yowza has the following warranties on their ellipticals and treadmills.

Elliptical Warranty:

  • A lifetime warranty on the frame and electromagnetic braking system
  • 5 years on electronics
  • 5 years on all parts
  • 2 years in-home labor

Treadmill Warranty:

  • A lifetime warranty on the frame and drive motor
  • 5 years on electronics
  • 5 years on belt, deck and rollers
  • 2 years in-home labor

Yowza Awards and Ratings

Yowza has the following awards and ratings:

  • A 5-star rating from Top Consumer Reviews for 2011 and 2013
  • Best Buy award from Elliptical Machine Reviews 2013
  • gives Yowza an overall rating of 8.67/10.

Yowza Elliptical Customer Comments

Captiva Elliptical - Costs $1,999

  • “I've had it for 3 months. Works well, very quiet, very smooth. I am glad I bought the Captiva (not the Sanibel). Worth the extra $500 because of the stride adjuster and incline adjustment feature. Having that is a must with this machine. The LCD is only adequate, not very fancy. That is my only complaint but it's not enough to drop down from 5 stars. I paid $1999 for it. That was a big factor. My first choices were ellipticals that cost roughly $3800 which were out of my price range” – Landice

Yowza Captiva Elliptical

Sanibel Elliptical - Currently costs $1,799

  • “I just purchase this Sanibel elliptical. The workout is much more effective than the one I've been doing for several years with a competitor's elliptical. Especially since the core motion workout for your abs really works! The Sanibel is stylish, virtually silent and the "ramp-less" movement is much smoother than other ellipticals I've used in the past. I also love the iPod docking station and fan. I would definitely recommend the Sanibel to anyone looking for a better workout and it certainly gets 5 stars from me!” – ML0308
  • “The serviceman is here now, third time, replacing the display. Company has been responsive to calls but so far same problem. The rest of the machine is great.” – Only Me

Navarre Elliptical - Costs $1,299

  • “I've had the Navarre for 5 months, so far so good. As other people have stated in reviews about other Yowza Ellipticals occasionally you hear some sounds that seem to go away as fast as they start, but doesn't effect the work out at all or the smoothness and the machine seems to be fine. I seem to think if you are on a higher resistance and you slow down from your original speed it makes the weird sound and as you speed back up the sound goes away.

    If I had the extra money though I would get the higher end version with the abs work out and the stride extenders as I am a taller girl and believe it probably would be a little more comfortable on my legs.” - Purgatoiry

Yowza Navarre Elliptical Display

Yowza Elliptical Quality

Overall, customer comments about the quality of their elliptical trainers were fine except for the following complaints.

They were not easy to assemble and it might be best if you had help. Another main complaint is the display on the Sanibel seems to go out and needs replacing. Some customer mentioned the Navarre made some odd noises when you slow down and would go away when you sped up again. Other customers said if they had the extra money, they would have bought the Captiva model. The Captiva had the best reviews and the highest rating. The price of the Captiva elliptical is $1,999.

Yowza Treadmill Customer Feedback

Sebring Transformer Treadmill – Current cost is $1,999

  • “First of all I am not a runner. I am a 58 year old guy with some age related health issues. I did do my homework before I purchased. I know that Yowza is the new kid on the block, but that didn't bother me at all. What I like about Sebring is the fact that it includes a wireless scale and weight management software. The track is 55" long and is better suited for power walking than running. If you are a serious runner you should look at one of their other models with the 60" track. The only reason I say this is because I think a longer 60" deck is more beneficial for running. Anyway, I weigh 260 LBS. and I needed a machine that could hold up, this thing is built like an Anvil. It took about 30 minutes to set the whole thing up and I believe a kid could set it up. I love the fact that the 3 H.P. commercial grade motor and belt are whisper quit. I really cannot say enough good things about Yowza and products. The guy who started Smooth Treadmills, in the beginning, is the guy who started and owns Yowza. On a 1-5 Stars, with Five being high, I'd give Yowza a 5 stars, A+++

    Just because they are new don't be afraid of them. Their machines come with an outstanding Manufacturers Warranty." – Bud

Yowza Sebring Treadmill

Osprey Transformer Treadmill with Space Saving Design – Current cost is $899

  • “This treadmill is great. Easy to setup. I did it by myself, but a helper would be better. I am so impressed. It looks like it should cost a lot more. Very stylish, with silent running motor and belt. No complaints.” –Alton

Smyrna Transformer non-folding Treadmill – Current cost is $1,499

  • “We just got our Smyrna Treadmill and we love it!!! It is extremely quiet, especially considering how powerful the motor is. The display is very impressive looking and at the same time extremely user-friendly. We use it mainly for running and the belt is very smooth and easy on the joints. It is built to last with a very sturdy frame. We love the variety of workout programs that are included. We had several questions about which treadmill would fit our needs and the gentleman at Yowza Fitness was very helpful. The customer service at Yowza Fitness was outstanding. They were extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. We are very happy with our new purchase!” – Steph

Yowza Smyrna Treadmill Display

Yowza Treadmill Quality

There are not as many customer comments about their treadmills as with their ellipticals and there are very few complaints. Customers commented about the ease of use and durability even for a man who weight 260 lbs. One comment was about the length of the Sebring being only 55”, which might make it more suitable for fast walking instead of running. 


ProForm is located in Logan, Utah and their parent company is ICON Health and Fitness. They have been a member of the Utah Better Business Bureau since 1990 with a C+ rating. They do have 672 closed complaints in the past three years with most complaints concerning problems with products or service. You can contact their sales department at 1-888-742-0128 or their service department at 1-888-533-1333.

ProForm sells the following fitness products:

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Exercise bikes
  • Treadmills for dogs
  • Strength
  • Accessories

ProForm Warranties

Each ProForm product has its own warranty, which is listed on the back of the user’s manual. Their warranties are for the original purchaser only and are limited to repairing or replacing the product at the company’s option. 

ProForm Elliptical Customer Comments

ProForm 990 CSE Elliptical – Current cost is $818

  • “Starting working out on this elliptical this week, and so far so good! I have tried several of the programmed workouts, as well as just using the manual mode and I am very satisfied. It did wobble a bit at first, but after adjusting the levels in the back it has been great. It took my husband about two and a half hours to put this machine together, but he said it wasn't difficult, just time consuming. Seems very sturdy. I am thinking about purchasing the iFit module to compliment this unit, but am unsure if it is worth buying for the elliptical versus a treadmill. Any thoughts? Will update after I've had this for a few months.” – Christy

ProForm 990 CSE Elliptical

ProForm 10.0 CE Elliptical – Currently costs $599 

  • “Seems like most of the negative reviews of this machine involve the assembly. I did it alone and it took me around two hours. Not very difficult if you follow the instructions. One piece of advice - don't attach the plastic covers that cover up the joints and bolts when you first assemble it. After working out a few times I needed to tighten everything up once it broke in a little. After my first few workouts I experienced considerable squeaking, groaning, and rocking. I checked every bolt and tightened the best I could. Since then, it has been quiet, smooth, and solid. Now I can attach the covers.” – Robert Brumm

ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical – Costs $799

  • “This machine is incredibly quiet. I could use it with a sleeping baby in the same room with no problem, so big props for that. It arrived with some missing washers but a quick call to ProForm took care of that and they shipped out the washers by end of the week. My husband managed to assemble it by himself. It works well, and while it's too soon to see the results, we really like it. The only con that we have noticed so far is that the built-in fan is a joke. It's a little worse than a toy fan.” – SSIAM

ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical Display

ProForm Elliptical Quality

For the most part, customers were pleased with the ProForm ellipticals. Quality is good and the fact that their ellipticals were quiet was a plus. The main complaint was missing parts when they received their elliptical. Other small complaints were about a rocking motion with some of the ellipticals, but there are level adjustments that should stop that problem. 

ProForm Treadmill Customer Comments

ProForm Power 995 Treadmill – Currently costs $999

  • “Bought this treadmill a year ago for $999 and was worth every penny. Extra long belt, backed by lifetime warranty, commercial motor, great sounding speaker, fan etc. The iFit live is an extra $100, not included, for the wireless adapter. Assembly took me about 2hrs and you will need someone to help you. Read instructions carefully as you need to screw in some bolts in the beginning but not tighten them until the very end. This will make a difference on how sturdy the machine is. Also delivery was curbside only for me so be prepared to drag this extremely heavy box from the curb. Great investment and this model compares to treadmills twice the price. Happy running!” – Jouss
  • “Don't expect this product to work on an arc fault circuit. AFCI is a code requirement for bedrooms in the US, and this treadmill trips those breakers every time. Proform customer service is no help. They acknowledge the problem exists, that they know of it, and that their manual doesn't say anything about it. I told them I never would have purchased the treadmill had I known. Proform recommended I have an electrician come out to rewire my bedroom (out of code?). I'm going to try a special surge protector, and if that doesn't work, I'll probably have to return it. Or set it up in my dining room.” – Crestwood

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill – Costs $1,348.97

  • “First off, this treadmill is huge, wow!! Delivery company said something like over 300 lbs!!  
  • Pros: Fast shipping and delivery company was professional and kept me      updated on delivery status. Manual is easy to read and follow. Def recommend two people to assemble. Above all my fiancé and I love it!  
  • Cons: Arrived with damaged on motor hood and belly fan case. Pro Form customer service was antagonistic, and were told broken parts were out of stock, expect parts in approx. 10 days. No biggie on the parts, but ProForm needs to work on customer service part.  
  • The treadmill kept tripping the breaker. QUICK FIX... After a few hours of researching..... Purchased a Belkin Home Theater Surge Protector Cost $50.00 at Home Depot. The surge protector should have EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 150kHz-100MHz up to "75db" Reduction. Apparently new constructed homes have AFCI breakers, which are super sensitive, and may required a surge suppressor that filters EMI/RFI minimum of 75 decibels, from a frequency range of 150kHz-100MHz. With all that said its worth the purchase for a good quality treadmill.” – S. Hernandez130

ProForm Power 1080 Treadmill – Costs $2,499

  • “I got this treadmill because it had the size motor I was looking for and was on a huge sale. Long story short, my wife and I love the functions and how well built this model is. I have gained a lot of weight during my wife's pregnancy, don't ask, and needed to loose weight. I could not buy a treadmill that had less than a 3.0 hp engine and when I saw this one I was sold. Now that we have been running on it for over a month and had not one complaint. I would gladly make the purchase again. The online features are great and it comes with a 3+ mile trail and a 5+ mile trail. You can purchase more from their website for a small amount. The screen is actually a built in android tablet with internet access.” – John Burris

ProForm Power 1080 Treadmill Display

ProForm Treadmill Quality

For those that had no problems with the ProForm treadmills, they really loved them. But there does appear to be a number of problems with these treadmills.

There seems to be a problem using these treadmills in older houses depending on the wiring of the house and the treadmills can trip circuit breakers.  Customers mentioned that a good power strip can solve this problem since ProForm has no solution.

The instructions also say you should unplug the treadmill when not in use to keep the display from burning out. A power strip with its own on/off switch would be helpful. Some complained that the display did not work and other customers reported problems with missing parts with their shipment. Also, keep in mind the treadmills are very heavy and require several people to get them into the house and where you want them.


According to customer comments and feedback, there are elliptical and treadmill models that are overall favorites among customers. Other models seem to be plagued with quality problems like displays not going out, blowing circuit breaks and funny noises. Hopefully this article gave you an idea as to which elliptical or treadmill is right for you. 

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